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11 November 2010 @ 05:06 pm
Fanworks Master Post  
If you know of any Cobb/Nash fanfiction, fan-art, fan-vids, etc., please feel free to comment and I will add it to the list!


Quickie by forgerness - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 980 - Smut
Workplace sex. Inspired by kirstenlouise's Cobb/Nash office AU, and also inspired by koushi, just because she exists.

Cobb is bad with typography by forgerness - Cobb/Nash - R - 400 - Smut
Instant messaging. Inspired by kirstenlouise's Cobb/Nash office AU.

Waking up in jail by forgerness - Cobb/Nash - R/NC-17 - 1400 - Smut
Bad haircuts and jail time. Written for koushi.

The Fifth Suit by _beetle_ - Cobb/Nash, Arthur/Eames, Nash/OMC, Robert/Yusuf - NC-17 - ~14,000 - Angst/Romance/AU
Written for the inception_kink prompt: Cock worship. But it got away from me.

he said no more war, no more clothes by sketchofsoda - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - ~4000 - Smut
Arthur, Cobb and Nash are planning the Cobol Job- but Nash isn't interested in Saito. He's interested in Cobb.

Why We Fight by _beetle_ - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 3800 - Angst/Smut/AU
Written for the inception_kink prompt: Shh, just come. In my ass., and inspired by kirstenlouise’s Office AU.

Deliverance by koushi - Cobb/Nash - R - 797 - Dark/Angst/Romance
Abstractly follows The Blue Look and is a response to Absolution.

Absolution by my_kakistocracy - Cobb/Nash - R - 1300 - Dark/Angst/Romance
Basically inspired by koushi's The Red Look.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by kirstenlouise - Cobb/Nash, Nash/Yusuf, Ariadne/Arthur - R - 7335 - Humor/Romance/AU
Office AU. In which Cobb and Nash have relationship problems, Yusuf doesn’t help, Arthur wears a really ugly sweatervest, and no one ever seems to do their job.

Working Overtime by forgerness - Cobb/Nash - R - 2022 - Humor/Smut/AU
This was written in the universe of kirstenlouise's Office AU for Cobb and Nash (which was written for a prompt on the kink meme where Cobb had ED). I loved the verse, so decided to play with those characterizations, too.

The Blue Look by koushi - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 1984 - Dark/Angst/Romance
Sequel to The Red Look.

Just One More Time by _beetle_ - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 1900 - Smut/AU
Set post-Inception. AU, in that Nash didn’t betray Cobb and Arthur. Warnings for slight dub-con. Written for this the prompt, "Cobb has no refractory period."

Post-Its and the Problem of Thursdays by kirstenlouise - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 4718 - Humor/Smut/AU
Office AU, written partly for this prompt on the kink meme: "Cobb's boss asks him to fire Nash, who's in Cobb's department, due to insubordination and general refusal to comply with company policies against leaving passive-aggressive notes all over coworkers' cubicles."

Where There's a Will by kirstenlouise - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 2400 - Humor/Smut/AU
Hilarious Office AU written for the prompt, "Nash loves Cobb in spite of his erectile dysfunction."

The Red Look by koushi - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 1847 - Dark/Angst/Smut
Nash knows how Cobb gets when he's had a few too many. He knows Cobb can't help his temper, can't help lashing out, can't help taking him by force, can't help but make him feel like an object. But he can't stop himself from coming back.

Far From Refuge by forgerness - Cobb/Nash - R - 2932 - Dark/Angst
Darker themes, with angst and violence.

Cinders of Affection by kirstenlouise - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 1281 - Smut
Nash is just a warm body; one more way for Cobb to curl up with his hate.

The Blame Game by _beetle_ - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 1041 - Smut
Plotless spanking.

D'Autrefois by koushi - Cobb/Nash, Cobb/Mal, Arthur/Mal, Ariadne/Arthur, Eames/Yusuf, Robert/Saito - R - 53,052 - Gen/Angst/Romance/Action/Dark
An introspective post-Inception story centered around Cobb's capture by Cobol Engineering, we start right as the movie ends. An intensely emotional look into the unhinged psyche of our favorite anti-hero and the inner workings of the team around him.

Mistake by koushi - Cobb/Nash - PG-13 - 568 - Angst/Romance
Cobb keeps a picture of Nash on his desk.

Cobb Blocked by koushi and my_kakistocracy - Cobb/Nash - NC-17 - 5900 - Crack
Utter crack satirical RP set post-movie.


A shade of what you used to be by koushi - Cobb/Nash - PG-13 - Digital Art
Three-panel art. (I thought it was angsty, but everyone else seems to think it's funny. :P)

Cobol Engineering Nash by koushi - Nash - G - Digital Art
Nash in a Cobol Engineering shirt.


Podfic for Absolution - written by my_kakistocracy - read by koushi

Podfic for Post-Its and the Problem of Thursdays - written by kirstenlouise - read by koushi

Podfic for Where There's a Will - written by kirstenlouise - read by koushi

Community banners - by forgerness